Diaper machinery what do do if you have washed a disposable diaper in the washing machine

Diaper machinery what do do if you have washed a disposable diaper in the washing machine

Washed a Disposable Diaper? Here’s What To Do.

  A little while ago, I accidentally washed a disposable diaper. Well, in fairness, my husband washed it. (I’ll blame him!) My daughter and I had just come home from our Mommy & Me swim class, and he offered to throw our towels and swimsuits in the washing machine while I put her down for a nap. I usually use cloth diapers, but had packed a disposable in our bag as a backup.

  When the load finished, I went down to the basement to put the clothes in the dryer. As soon as I opened the lid to the washer, I saw it: the disposable diaper sitting right on top. I pulled it out, gelly beads falling off of it. If you have ever wondered what disposable diapers are made out of it, this is the best way to find out.

  After throwing out the diaper, and collecting as many of the gelly beads as I could get, I debated on what to do next. My clothes were still covered in tiny little beads, as well as the washer. I conducted a quick Google search for the best way to handle this situation and found a few different answers.

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  Google had quite a few different responses. Here’s what I did and it worked great.

  Find what’s left of the diaper and remove it from the washer. Scoop out any big chunks of gelly beads that might be easy to remove as well. You could opt to take all the clothes outside and shake them out, but it’s not really necessary.

  Your clothes will still contain gelly beads, as well as the washer. Leave the clothes in the washer and run another cycle. Washing them again should dissolve any of the remaining gelly beads, and you can dry them as normal.

  If for any reason, some gelly beads linger, the heat should dry them out. I recommend you run a cleaning cycle with Affresh on your washer or another load with no clothes. This ensures that any remaining gelly beads dissolve and your washer is clean.

  *Pampers and Huggies differ on these steps if you call their hotlines. One recommends another wash, while the other recommends going straight to the dryer.

  Congratulations! You’re now a pro at solving the “washed a disposable diaper” problem, and you can help others out! It feels like a bigger deal than it actually is and it doesn’t take much to fix. It happens to the best of us, and clearly you’re not the only one. Good luck!

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Diaper machinery what do do if you have washed a disposable diaper in the washing machine